Monday, 19 March 2018

From DavidB - Broken Contract (55 pts)

I bought these from a nice gamer/ owner at Adepticon last year. He has been in a couple kickstarters and is a very friendly fellow. It is all for this vision of a mini game and he has a desire to morph it into a Mad Max style vehicle adventure. Broken Contract is for now a simple crawl game with some depth and perfect for missions that link together as the breakers try to escape the prodos.

Black Sun has been importing "colonists" to an arid mining world for generations. The costs of the venture have exceeded profit, so they have abandoned everyone.

The security guards some descendants from original guards are left with those that are owned by the company store. Add criminals, a black market, idealists, agitators, gen-mods....and everyone wants to survive.

This is Xer a gen mod for the security force Black Sun. He has shock gauntlets and yes that is an I-beam he is using as a club. The security force is in predominately black which has a good fascists feel, but I added some color to punch them up. I plan on getting a few more so I will refer to Xer as "Sue" till I get another Xer who will have just the shock gauntlets.

He is a very imposing figure.

The figures came in packaging of rusted connex boxes and cards for gaming including stats and equipment. move is in inches and the game is a u-go-I-go with initiative rolls.

The security force has a couple of ladies and couple of fellows, they are a mixture of sizes which I really like as Leroy on the right is almost as imposing as the modified "Sue"

The Breakers are desperate poor working for the company store and also criminals. Some have been born into the mines and some are desperate criminals yet. My only complaint with these models is Will Kollis and his sledge hammer which is true scale 28 but bends easily and looks weedy compared to the poor worker and criminal behind him.

Still the figures have nice detail and will also find use in generic sci fi games as table-dressing/objectives.

a young girl mechanic and an idealist socialist. Ari Gaylen is the most dynamic figure of the lot and I'm pleased with how her denim trousers turned out.

I tried to make her tactical stone into coal with moderate success. I  may go back and do more to the bases and make it look more like mineral mixed mine floor.

This is a convict turned gen-mod to replace debt for transit or past crimes. he has a large rock grinder.

In one of the demo games I played, I got the part of the stern guards while my buddy got to play the young girls and the hulking Trest. I had to stop them from fleeing the mines while the miners had to escape. Trest bowled over two of the guards and sprinted like a ballerina across and I-beam over a chasm. My guards succeeded in using batons and shock sticks in taking the two girls prisoners while Trest pirouetted away...


Artist: Johnny Cash

I was listening to songs like Company Store, Big John, and drifted into Johnny Cash with Fulsom Prison , God's gonna Cut you Down, ......

"My name is Sue, How-do-you-do!"
Broken Contract has a page in Blogger too.

From Minion JamieM: I've seen a bit of buzz around on this game although no painted figures as yet.  I do like them and your painting puts them right in that "desperate sci-fi" area.  As you say, they'll bee good for the game itself and as window dressing for other games, especially the miners.

55 points it is - excellent work!

From MilesR: Sassy Sassanids (782 points / READY)

This will be one of my final entries in this year's challenge - A Sassanid army in 15mm from Forged in Battle miniatures.  I got these chaps during the same kickstarter where the Imperial Romans came from.  I've always wanted a calvary heavy army and now I have that chance.

Speaking of Romans, a 24 figure Auxiliary unit was also completed this weekend.  They seem to have drawn a pretty awful rearguard assignment. I'm sure things will work out.  These miniatures are also from Forged in Battle and are Roman Auxiliary Marines.

Lets go down the Sassanid from left to right.  On the left flank is a 27 figure unit of Daylami Hillmen and 1 12 figure units of Horses archers.
Next is the infantry which consist of 26 Archer/slingers in a skirmish mode and 3 units of levy spearmen.

 A close up of the Spearmen - essentially speed bumps on the ancient battlefield the do take up space nicely

The heart of any Sassanid army is heavy cavalry.  This force has 5, 12 figures units of different types of Cataphracts and Ellies - got to love Ellies.
I got a little whimsical on coloring the felt armored horses.
These came out nicely

The army commander and a fair of Ellies.

And finally on the left flank is another pair of 12 figure Horse Archer units.
A shot looking down the left flank and..
a shot looking down the other flank..  These minis were a ton of fun to paint and I can't wait to use them on the tabletop.

One thing I should say is the casting quality is superb and Forged in Battles quality control is excellent - I've been through 31 packs and have yet to experience missing or damaged parts.

As for the tally, lets see:

110 Calvary figures for 440 points

137 Sassanid Infantry for 274 Points

24 Roman Aux Infantry for 48 points

2 Ellies at 10 points each for 20 points
- I counted each ellie as a vehicle (6 pts) plus one full and 2 half figures per Ellie is another 4 so 10 points per pachyderm.

Grand Total 782 points

This should put me over last years total, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  I do want to apologize for not being as active in the chatter with this year's forum - business and family issues were a bit more pressing than usual

A very fine force, Miles!
I can't think of any better reason to take a Sassanid force than elephants and cataphract units. I don't think you over did the color either as heavy horse and elephants should have a hot rod appearance.
They look very impressive and that isn't a slight against the foot sloggers that are also bright and detailed very well. 
I am rather glad you posted them on your new table too as it gives us another gander at the brilliant work you did ( just need a fortified town at the dead end road) 
I didn't forget the Roman Marines left at the river living up to the ideals of Horatio either.
I quite like them and their armor which is still distinctly Roman and heavy looking.
Nice work and congrats on squashing your goal!

From Curt: Renaissance Duel Prize for IainW - The Knight of Gabbiano (10 Points)

Last year Iain and I had a Renaissance Duel to which he soundly trounced me. (What was I thinking? Well, obviously not much as I did the exact same thing this year...) As a prize I offered to paint him an Italian Wars figure. He graciously offered to send me one of his old skool knights that he was in the midst of stripping for repaint and I said I'd be happy to do one up for him. 

Well, it turned out I lied.

In my minds eye I thought Iain would send a gendarme all decked out in full plate and barding - lots of steel, so a fairly straightforward job, right? Nope. What I received instead was a fully caparisoned knight that would require hand pained heraldry emblazoned all over the horse barding. Iain, I silently cursed you when I opened that parcel. ;)

Nonetheless, I based up the b*gger and he sat on the paint desk staring at me this past year. In fact I petulantly ignored him until this week, when guilt finally took over and I set him in front of me so I could figure out what to do with him. Well, there was no way I was going to cop out and do a solid-colour job - he needed proper heraldry to get slaughtered in, so I put my thinking cap on. After a few hours of looking at various designs on the web I decided to take a break and get a drink. On my way to the kitchen I passed our wine rack and there he was, prancing on his charger, proud as a bishop on a bottle of Chianti.

Now I was off and running.

The one nice thing about this casting was that it's fairly smooth which made painting the pattern that much easier. Once I got my eye in, the pattern began to unfold quite easily and a few hours later the bulk of him was done.

The lance is white metal so did my best to straighten it. I'm usually not a bit fan of metal lances, but I do like the big flaring vamplate on this one.

After all my bellyaching I'm happy with how he turned out and am now quite sad to see him go. I'll have to give that pattern a go with one of my Steel Fist gendarmes in the future... 

There you go Iain, the Knight of Gabbiano. I hope you like him. As a request, I ask that you have a glass of Chianti to toast him into your collection. :)



Sunday, 18 March 2018

From RossM: The Last Post - 20mm WWII German armour (38 points)

As the final hours of the Challenge tick by here is the final post for my contribution to this years challenge and as promised its the WWII German Armour in 20mm from Britannia Miniatures.

From left to right above we have:

  • SDKFZ 140 Flakpanzer 38(t)
  • PZKW III J with short 50 mm barrell
  • PZKW II (f) - Luchs

All three vehicles were painted in the same method starting with a base coat of Vallejo Mid Stone, followed with a liberal wash of Nuln Oil from Citadel. Then it's wet brushing the base coat back on then to finish with a dry brush of Foundry Moss C to highlight.

Here are some more pictures of the SDKFZ 140 with decals from Skytrex.

Next we have the PZKW III

With all three vehicles opted not to have camouflage on them and whilst I enjoy painting Late War German camouflage I feel the finish on these three vehicles is good without the detailing of camouflage.

The stowage and extras on the MK III really make the model.

Lastly we have the PZWK II (f)

Both MK III and II together.

As this is the final post I make the tally a grand 36 points for 3 20mm vehicles. This takes my overall total to 304 which just passes my Challenge target for this year.

In preparation of next year's challenge I would like to put forward this tune for you all:

Public Image Limited - Rise

Looking forward to seeing your brush work again next challenge and I will sort out my donation to charity very shortly.

Cheers, Ross

From Minion Tamsin:
A cracking finish to the Challenge for you Ross and congrats on passing your target.
I do like the painting on these - as you say, they look damned good without adding camouflage. I'm going to add a couple of points for the stowage.

From Dave D - 15mm US Armored rifle and supports (222 points)

This is my final entry for this years challenge - more boys and kit for my US Armored force  for Normandy 1944. A mix a Plastic Soldier Company Infantry , and M3s , and Battlefront other stuff.

A full armored rifle platoon - plenty of bazookas!
Full figures = 38  = 76 points
Prone figures = 4 = 4 ponts

The transport 
5 M3 halftracks = 30 points

the transport has drivers, gunners and passengers
29 crew figures - 29 points

The recon secion
4 jeep and 1 trailer = 24 points
7 seat figures - 7 points
1 standing = 2 points

The HQ section and support
3 x  M4 - 81 mm mortar -= 18 points
 with 11 crew  = 11 points
1 M16 MGC  = 6 points 
 with 3 crew = 3 points
HQ , two standing figures -1 seated = 5 points
HQ Tent? its the same size a jeep - or is it terain ? 6 points?

I even included some sandbags - just for Ray!

Total point tally = 230?

Phew - these are cracking along - mind I have a at least the same again to do plus more support elements - but they are getting there.

As for my challenge this should take me to 1600 points - which is under target - but given I lost a whole month to illness its actually on track overall points wise - and I am pleased with the progress. I have finished some more key units for the Sudan - still life in that old dog yet. I have completed my 6mm modern forces with games played. I have started a new project - this one which is going well.   I enjoyed the challenge with Sander and Alex  Its been fun on the paint and chats as well. 

Until next time people - enjoy your painting

From Minion Tamsin:
Your final entry? You've still got a couple of days, and we know that's plenty of time for you to knock out 500 Madhists!
That's a cracking looking force Dave. I'm scoring the HQ as equivalent to a vehicle. I note you've included some sandbags for Ray - maybe on the next one you could ad a badger?
I think your maths is a little off - I made it 221 points and so did the spreadsheet. But I've added a bonus point for the dig at Ray as 222 points looks better!